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Standards for photo shoots


I generally engage a model for 1 day (i.e. 8 hours)

I do not shoot the following shooting categories: open legs, bondage, G/G, G/B, porn (hard core, soft core)


I pay for transportation (if necessary) and  for accomodation (if necessary) and for beverages/food during a shoot

I generally pay a fee to the model


I generally shoot indoor and outdoor (temperature > 12 °C)



Ideal photo model


> 25 years of age / > 5 years of experience in modelling

is responsible for their hair and make up (unless I engage a MUA)

goes into the water  (ponds, lakes etc for a short period only / no diving)

no fake hair, no fake fingernails, no plastic surgeries (i.e. nose, boobs, butt etc), no sprayed lips

understands / speaks English

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